Get even more insight into your archery performance with advanced tools and features, including Custom Rounds, In-shoot Groups and Shoot Comparisons.


Custom Rounds

Create multi-distance custom rounds comprising up to 144 total shots.

Perhaps your club has a specific shoot outside of the usual list of WA/ArcheryGB rounds, or you'd like to combine the distances you regularly practice into one round: custom rounds give you great flexibility in defining your own parameters.

Custom rounds will show up in your timelines just like standard scoring rounds.

In-shoot Groups

Get the bigger picture during your shoot. Keep an eye on your groups in tricky conditions, or while refining your sightmarks.

Track arrow performance by filtering the groups to a specific arrow identifier. Group centre, Maximum and Average group indicators provide immediate feedback.

Additional statistics such as Average End Total and Predicted Total Score are also provided, putting even more information at your disposal as you shoot.


Compare Shoots

View two scoring shoots side-by-side for detailed comparison.

Features Upgrade Basic
Mobile App Offline web app for logging all your shots. Super simple, super functional, super comprehensive. Clean, clear interface designed for speed and efficiency with no distractions. No network connection is required once installed (only when uploading shoots).
Simple button scoring or accurate shot plotting Score your shots with simple button input or accurately plot your arrows. Switch between both methods at any time!

When using button input, the app will randomly and uniformly distribute an appropriate arrow impact point in the relevant target ring, preserving your group information!
Auto-scoring Super-quick scoring using just the total score.

Fully detailed shot information, including plotted arrow impact, is automatically generated. Ideal for rapidly entering retrospective shoots, or for when you just don't have time to manually enter each shot.

* Standard target rounds only
Standard WA/ArcheryGB Rounds Imperial/Metric, Indoor/Outdoor target rounds
WA Match Rounds 18M, 50M and 70M match rounds - set system or cumulative score
Match Simulation Shoot against a simulated novice, advanced or elite opponent
Custom Rounds Multi-distance, named rounds
Practice Shoots 10- or 5-zone scoring on standard target faces at any distance
Basic Arrow Count Just need to log your arrow count? No problem!
Convert Shoots Convert your incomplete WA/AGB shoots into practice distances
Milestones Log changes to form, technique or equipment - view on your timeline
Basic Shoot Stats & Charts Analysis and infographics for each scoring shoot
Sightmark Logging Log sightmarks on your device and sync with your online profile
In-shoot Groups & Arrow Tracking Check your groups for each end, or by individual arrows across all ends
Shoot Comparison Compare two scoring shoots side-by-side
Rankings! See how your results compare to other xringscoring users with leader boards and rank indicators.
Set Goals! Set weekly arrow volume and scoring goals
Arrow Volumes Prior To Shoot View arrow volumes for previous 31 days
Attach results files Store competition results files (pdf, xls[x], doc[x]): no more broken URLs or hunting for results sheets.
GNAS/AGB Handicaps Handicap values computed for standard (imperial and metric) rounds AND custom rounds.
Export your data All your shoots can be compiled into a .csv file for export and used in your own spreadsheets, for example.
Share your best shoots All shoots are private by default - but you can share them by making them public: link back to your shoot, share on Facebook...
Share your timeline Share your entire shoot log, with all statistics and graphs, using a simple link.
Future Features! Get full access to upcoming tools and features
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