Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Version 1 being decommissioned?

Version 2 of the mobile app is replacing Version 1 (currently 1.8.5a) as of 00:00 GMT February 24th 2019.

The original version is beyond end-of-life and is no longer maintained. Further development of the main site and planned features cannot proceed until V1 is decommissioned.

What makes xringscoring different to other archery apps?

There are many archery apps available for mobiles, but xringscoring goes further: providing not only a fully-featured scoring app to collect all your archery activity (and giving you valuable in-shoot data on groups and predicted scores) but also an online repository of detailed statistics for every shoot, building up a comprehensive journal of your archery performance over time.

Will the app work on my phone?

Got an iOS or Android device? If so, you're good to go.

While officially unsupported, Windows users have reported the mobile app works on 8.1 or above, using the default browser.

xringscoring mobile is an HTML5 webapp, using many of the capabilities of modern browsers, specifically those running WebKit APIs. To that end, it works best in Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Note: it will not work on the default Android browser.

Javascript and offline storage must be enabled for xringscoring mobile to operate correctly.

The mobile app will scale to most device screen sizes but the minimum diagonal length should be approx 3.5in (eg. iPhone 4).

How does it work?

xringscoring comprises a mobile web application with an online counterpart (this site).

The mobile app allows you to log all your archery activity, whether simple arrow counts, basic practice shoots or WAF/Archery GB and custom rounds. After plotting your arrows your shoots can be uploaded to the online tool for further analysis and storage.

Sightmarks can be logged too, and if upgraded to Premium, you get access to advanced features such as detailed groups information while you shoot.

The online counterpart crunches your shoot data to provide multiple statistics, building a comprehensive timeline of your activity. Along with all your shoots, Milestones can be added to note changes to form, technique or equipment. Graphs and other visual representations of your data enable quick and easy comparisons.

Do I need a mobile data connection to use the app?

Once loaded to your phone and bookmarked (or preferably added to the homescreen via your browser's menu) the mobile app is completely independent and can be used without a data/phone connection. You can score your shoots in far-off remote fields without restriction!

You will, however, need to be connected via 3/4G or WiFi to upload your stored shoots.

The mobile app is regularly updated with new features, improvements and the odd bug fix. On iOS devices, it will background refresh whenever opened - updates are automatically downloaded and stored ready for the next access.

On Android devices, however, the app needs to be manually updated/reloaded. When running from the homescreen, use the Update App button to refresh the application. In both cases, it may take a couple of reloads to update the app - this is something we call the 'Refresh Cycle'.

The graphs are empty!

At least 2 separate days of shoot data are required before the graphs are drawn.

I'm working on improving the granularity of the graphs for new users as they build their timelines, but once you have a few days of shooting logged, your graphs will begin to fill out.

How do I interpret the Precision and Accuracy information?

Accuracy should be considered a measure of how close your arrows land to the point of aim (most usually the center of the target). Precision, on the other hand, is how close to each other your arrows hit.

In real terms your Precision value may be high while your Accuracy is low - this would describe tight grouping somewhere away from the center of the target.

The converse may also be encountered: your arrows all hit close to the center of the target resulting in high Accuracy, but in a somewhat scattered pattern, denoting low Precision.

Both Accuracy and Precision in xringscoring are expressed as percentages.

What does MOA mean and how is it useful?

MOA is an acronym for Minute Of Angle - a unit of measurement: there are 60 Minutes Of Angle in a single degree. It is particularly useful for measuring and comparing groups on targets of different sizes placed at different distances.

In very basic terms, any object occupies a specific amount of space within 360 degrees, but this space changes as we move the object closer (occupies more space) or further away (occupies less space).

Target faces (and groups) are typically too small to be measured in degrees so Minutes of Angle can be used to describe how much space they occupy relative to their distance from the observer. This is determined by a simple, but very useful calculation which allows the archer to 'normalize' the size of their groups at various distances.

Of course, environmental factors such as wind, rain etc, all make shooting at larger targets at 90m more difficult than shooting small targets indoors at 18m and group size will undoubtedly be affected so this is not an exact comparison but the principle is a valuable one: your group size (MOA) should be consistent at all distances, and improving over time.

Group MOA analysis is available to upgraded users, and appears as an additional statistic in the shoot tables and line in the timeline charts. MOA is also displayed during your shoot when viewing Groups in xringscoring mobile.

What are the red and green rings in the shoot display arrow plot?

The red ring denotes the maximum radial distance of your shots: the furthest distance from the center of the target.

The green ring denotes the average radial distance of your shots from the center of the target.

How do I share my best/worst shoot?

Upgraded users can share individual shoots by opening it from the timeline, selecting 'Public' from the Privacy list, then saving the shoot. When the page reloads, you will have the option to share via emailed link or on Facebook. Other sharing options will be available soon.

How do I share my timeline?

You may wish to share your entire shoot history log (with your coach or training partners, for example).

First, you must update your profile to allow timeline sharing (hit the 'Share Timelines' checkbox and save), then, from the main Dashboard hit the 'Share with this link' control. On most browsers this will copy the link to your clipboard, but on others, notably pre Safari 10 on iOS devices, you will need to 'long press' the link to bring up the native dialog box. Once copied to your clipboard, you can share the link via email, on social media etc.

You can disable timeline sharing at any time, and anyone who received the link will no longer be able to access your log.

How do I install/uninstall the mobile app?

Users can access the mobile app from any browser by logging in to the site and following the Mobile App link.

Once the app is loaded to the browser, it should be bookmarked or preferably pinned to the homescreen where it will operate like a native app.

To uninstall the app users should first remove the bookmark and/or homescreen icon, then remove the cached data from the browser.

For example, iPhone users would delete the icon, then go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data and look for an entry for and/or These can be removed by hitting Edit.

Who makes xringscoring?

xringscoring is proudly made and maintained by Tim Davies, a member of Rayleigh Town Archery Club in Essex, UK since 2011.

Many thanks to the members of the archeryinterchange forum and the early beta-testers for their support and suggestions.

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