Changelog: fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue in Settings where selecting '0' as a sightmark step would cause the app to crash (thanks and apologies MJ!).

  • Fixed a regression where selecting empty Distance in Statistics resulted in a blank screen.

  • Fixed an issue which prevented match completion when scoring Head-to-Head rounds.

  • Fixed an issue where previous ArrowCount volume would be carried over to new ArrowCount shoot (thanks ER).

Please note: I will be sending out a general email soon but version 1.8 (and sub-versions) of the mobile app will be decommissioned on February 24th. It will continue to operate but shoots will be rejected from upload. This is a great time to switch - please head to the new app-specific site, log in and get the new version if you're not already using v2.

New app version is

v2 changelog

  • Fixed an issue preventing correct end being opened via scorecard (thanks PR!).

  • Various minor performance improvements

New version is

v2 changelog

  • Fixed an issue affecting accuracy of shoot date.

  • Added setting for default input mode (Plot/Button)

New version is

v2 changelog

More fixes and updates for v2.

  • Re-instated NOTES page: add location, event and competition information.

  • Fixes an issue where editing scores retrospectively in Button Input mode could crash the app.

  • Added Shot Rating to Arrow groups view. Hit the '+' button to toggle rendering of shot markers with Shot Rating colours. Handy when working out why 'good' shots go off-center.


New version is

v2 changelog

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fix for buttons where arrow icons not rendering correctly in system fonts on Android

  • Fix for broken shoot uploads in Firefox

  • Fix access to Groups, Scorecard and Statistics for completed shoots

New version is - updates should be picked up automatically with the usual 'open/close/open' cycle.

v2 changelog

More bug fixes and improvements:

  • Bow/Arrowset sync fixed (previously only arrowsets with sightmarks were syncing)

  • Shot Rating now user configurable with 3 options: 'Good/Bad', 1-to-3 and 1-to-5

Continued thanks to everyone for their help.

New version is - updates should be picked up automatically.

v2 changelog

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Bow and arrowset workflow improved

  • More style improvements throughout

Please note, these updates may invalidate your saved bow metrics. For example, draw length values are restricted to quarter-inch increments due to Imperial/Metric conversion problems.

My thanks to all of those who have commented so far.

New version is - updates should be picked up automatically.

v2 changelog

Bug fixes and improvements, based on a number of early post-launch responses:

  • Compound scoring fixed for target and practice rounds

  • Various layout improvements

My thanks to SW and SA for their comments.

New version is - updates should be picked up automatically.

Watch your inboxes...


Closing the doors for a while...

As of 11th May 2018, xringscoring is closed to new users/registrations…

The system itself (the mobile app and this site) isn’t going anywhere, so existing users will be able to continue scoring and uploading their shoots as they always have and I have no intention of closing the service completely: as an active archer I will be using xringscoring myself for a very long time!

The decision to close to new users was taken, in part, because the current mobile app, while perfectly usable, is clunky and inflexible. It is not the app I would wish new users to experience, nor is it viable for me to continue maintaining it.

I have been working hard on the new version of the mobile app for many months and I’m really happy with version 2 (I’ve been using it for a few weeks now) it is still not ready for ‘prime time’, nor is the main site rebuild anywhere near ready for general release.

I realised very recently that version 2, for all its improvement over the current mobile app, has become too complex. To paraphrase the great David Brailsford, I was focussing on the peas and, by doing so, ruining the steak. I now want to rethink all that work and focus on making the core functionality rock-solid.

Unfortunately, all the effort on getting version 2 into shape has severely limited my time to actually enjoy the sport I love. Practice has been drastically affected and coupled with other commitments, I have to readjust the time I can dedicate to xringscoring.

So what happens now?

  • xringscoring will be closed to new users until further notice.

  • Existing users will be able to enjoy using the system for as long as they wish. They will be able to access and use the new applications/tools as and when they become available.

  • Users wishing to stop using xringscoring can easily export all of their shoot information as a CSV file (via All Shoots/Export) and, when ready, hit ‘Delete my profile’ under Profile. All shoot and personal data will be deleted (permanently and beyond recovery) within 30 days.

  • Users who wish to stop using xringscoring but have paid for an upgrade on or after May 1st 2018 can request a refund (shoot me a mail:

I’d like to thank those who have given huge support and encouragement for my humble application - and reassure them that it is not being killed off. Quite the opposite - I want to reignite my love of archery, and xringscoring is a fundamental part of that relationship.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch via email


Changelog: auto-scoring fixes and improvements

Fixed a bug causing auto-scoring to fail on certain rounds, and in the process significantly improved the plotted results of auto-scoring (shots are now more 'naturally' distributed).

Current version of the mobile app is 1.8.2.

Changelog: mobile app practice scoring fix and V2 news

Fixed a scoring bug: when using button input and changing Distance Practice scoring from 5-Zone to 10-Zone, the button layout would retain only the 5-Zone buttons (9 - 1) interspersed with 'M' buttons - see image below. The only way to clear this error was to close the app and re-open.


Happily, this has now been resolved. My sincere thanks to user M for letting me know with a very comprehensive bug report and apologies for the inconvenience!

The new mobile app version is 1.8.1

In other news, work on the all-new v2.0 of the mobile app was seriously delayed during 2017 but has now made it back to the top of my priority list. It will probably be released in beta to a select few users in the next month or so (but I'm wary of mentioning a time-frame given the unfulfilled promises of 2017!). Its a real step up in terms of functionality and usability and I'm really looking forward to getting it out there (and off the list!).

Changelog: minor improvements to the mobile app

A couple more fixes to the mobile app:

  • Users reported strange date inconsistencies when scoring a new round after a period of inactivity. The mobile app automatically starts a new round of the same type when the previous shoot is finished. If the user returns to that new, unscored shoot after a break of anything more than a day, the shoot is uploaded not with the date of scoring but the date when the shoot was created. Shoot dates can be adjusted after upload but it is clearly an annoying circumstance, which is now fixed. For any shoot other than those which are auto-scored (date is manually chosen), the date of the shoot will be set to the timestamp of the first scored arrow. My thanks to AC for reporting the problem.

  • Statistics view is improved in the mobile app to reflect the AGB Handicap value for the overall predicted score rather than that based on the current score. Much more useful. Again, my thanks to AC for pointing out that annoyance!

  • Android users will be prompted whenever a new mobile app version is available following upload of new shoots to the main site. iOS will automatically update the mobile app in normal operation but Android-ers must manually update using the button under Settings > More.

Current mobile version: 1.8.0

Changelog: mobile and main site updates

A few updates to both the mobile app and main site:

  • Bug fix (mobile): auto-scored shoots would be saved without the user-defined shoot date. Now fixed to honour the specified date. Thanks to JB for alerting me to the bug!

  • New Feature (main site): share timelines with anyone using just a link. Upgraded users can opt to make their timelines public using an option under Profile and share their shoot histories - including stats and graphs - with anyone using a link (the recipient need not be an xringscoring user). This is especially helpful when sharing your stats with a coach, for example.

  • Performance improvements: both mobile and main sites have benefitted from some hard work on the back end to improve load times and overall snappiness of the system.

Current mobile version: 1.7.8

Changelog: AGB Handicaps in shoot lists, and sightmark protection

Following some suggestions and bug reports (thanks D and L!), I've released a quick update for the main site/backend shoot processing:

  • Bug fix: stored sightmarks will no longer be overwritten with empty data. Previously, when reinstalling the mobile app to a (possibly new) device, it was too easy to start scoring and uploading shoots without remembering to recall sightmark data from the main app. Arrow set data can only be created/updated from the mobile device, so uploading shoots with empty arrow set data would overwrite anything you may have previously saved with the empty (default) info. Possibly disastrous and definitely annoying. Todays' update prevents this situation by rejecting empty sightmarks information coming from your device.

  • Archery GB handicap information for your shoot, if you have upgraded and have enabled AGB Handicaps, will now appear in the shoot lists.

Current mobile version: 1.7.4 (no change)

Changelog: mobile and main site bugs squashed

Today's release fixes a couple of irritating issues in both mobile and main apps:

  • Mobile: Overlong round names now truncate to prevent layout overflow issues rendering the app inoperable!

  • Mobile: Bow type is now appended to the shoot title, making it more obvious when changing between bow styles

  • Main: Fixed a problem wherein updating bow type for a given shoot would, if there were no more shoots under the original bow type, raise a 'No shoots' warning until the user logged out. Now, if no further shoots exist for the current bow type, the default bow type will revert to the user's default and prevent the warning.

New mobile version: 1.7.4

Changelog: ghosted shots becomes Live Group in the mobile app

Upgraded users previously had access to a feature in the mobile app which shows all previous shots for the current distance 'ghosted' on the target face when plotting shots.

This feature was intended to help monitor the overall group for the distance without visually overwhelming the view but, in practice, was of limited utility.

To better fulfil the requirement to show the center of the group, crosshairs will now show the exact center of the group, in addition to the 'ghosted' shots.

The crosshairs will temporarily disappear when plotting arrows but will reappear when plotting is complete.

More detailed group information (maximum group size, mean group size etc) is unchanged and continues to be available via the shoot info menu.


Live Group can be turned off/on via Settings.

Hopefully this simple update will help inform your sight adjustment decisions for even better scores!

Current version 1.7.3

Bug fixes for mobile app

Just a couple of small fixes in this release:

  • Vegas indoor round definition corrected to allow outer 9, inner 10 and X ring scoring.

  • Default bow type from user profile now honoured when installing/reinstalling app.

The new version of the mobile app is 1.7.1

Changelog: auto-scoring

The first major release in 2017 launches a new feature: auto-scoring.

If you don't have time to manually enter your scores, or need to quickly create records of historical shoots to add to your timeline, simply select your target round, set the score (and adjust the date if required) and hit save.

The mobile app will automatically process your final score into a fully-detailed shoot, complete with plotted arrow impacts, ready for upload.

Auto-scoring is limited to standard target rounds and is only available to upgraded users.


The new version of the app is 1.7.0

Changelog: bug fix

Fixed an issue where X-ring was (sometimes randomly) not enabled in 10-zone Distance Practice shoots.

Current mobile version is 1.6.9

Changelog: Improved volumes graph, rank indicator etc

Happy New Year!

There were quite a few updates to the xringscoring system over the Christmas period, most unseen (performance improvements and bug fixes) but a couple of new features made it into the recent release too:

Improved Arrow Volume graph!


Over time, the area graph begins to lose 'resolution' as the scale stretches to render the total volume of arrows shot. I made the decision to auto-scale the area to half of the Y-axis height regardless of the values. This means that your maximum number of arrows shot will stretch to the 50% line. Remaining volumes are rendered proportionate to this maximum value.



Throughout 2017 I will be working on the social network of xringscoring, bringing users together as clubs or less formal groups, able to 'follow' each other and compare scores within the group or beyond.

There are many ideas in the air, but the first and easiest thing to implement is a running leaderboard of scores for each standard WA/AGB round. Upgraded users will be able to see where their shoots rank against ALL shoots of the same round by all users, indicated at the top right of the shoot details (see above). Only numbers for now - all data is anonymous. The next step will be an actual leaderboard showing more detail, but privacy is paramount so only shoots set as Public by users will have names attached.

Soon, users will have the chance to find friends (or friendly rivals?) and connect with each other to share scores, perhaps create groups with competitions and leagues of their own. Exciting times ahead.

Competition-only Score Goals

Scoring goals can now be flagged as 'competition only'. When creating or updating a scoring goal for a particular round, just check the 'Competition Only' box to allow achievement of that goal only with scores made in the heat of competition.

Mobile App v2.0

The much-awaited mobile app rebuild is all but complete - in the final phases of testing now so not long until I can release it as a beta update. It will replace the existing mobile app for all users and is a massive improvement on the current, original mobile app.


Finally, please check the price reductions in the shop: t-shirts and patches priced to clear!

That's all for now - as always, thanks for your continued support, and best wishes for a fabulous 2017 full of archery enjoyment and success.

Changelog: new 252 Award distances and fixes

Bug fix: Practice Shoot Target Details view - accessed via the scorecard - formatting fixed. This view allows you to update your practice shoot target size, distance etc before upload.

252 Awards: 10yd and 20yd rounds now available. Not sure why these were left off, but apologies to anyone expecting to see them before now!

Current mobile app version is 1.6.7

Changelog: bug fix for 5-zone practice stats

Bug fix: maximum possible score for 5-zone (9 - 1) scoring was limited to shot count x 10 (i.e. metric maximum). Score percentages were therefore incorrect! Now fixed. Many thanks to user N for pointing this out.

Changelog: new AGB Junior Metric rounds added

ArcheryGB's new Metric rounds for Junior Gentlemen and Junior Ladies are available in the mobile app.

This adds the following rounds:

  • Metric 122-50

  • Metric 122-40

  • Metric 122-30

  • Metric 80-40

  • Metric 80-30

For iOS users, no action is required to pick up these new rounds (due to automatic background updates) but Android users may need to hit the 'REFRESH APP' button in Settings a couple of times to download the round definitions.

Changelog: fix for missing arrowsets

Fixed an issue where Arrow set information would not be transmitted to the cloud app without sightmarks attached. Now fixed.

Current mobile version is 1.6.5

Changelog: more stats and fixes

A new update to the mobile app adds 'All Time' arrow volume to the Statistics view, along with slightly improved layout for legibility.

Bug fixes for desktop: User 'C' noticed an error in overall Arrow Volume count arising from retrospectively-added shoots which predate the users' registration date. This has been fixed.

Bug fixes for mobile: When opening the app in a browser on small-screen devices, a reflow error caused the app to render incorrectly and made it effectively inoperable. Fixed!

Current mobile version is 1.6.4

Changelog: WA 3D field and more

Version 1.6.2 of the mobile app incorporates a handful of new WA 3D field rounds.

Following a number of requests and with help from user N (thanks!) I've added WA 3D Qualification (24 arrow) and Elimination (12, 8, 4 arrow) rounds to the system.

In the interests of keeping things simple, these rounds can only be scored using button input and various metrics such as Accuracy, Precision, MOA etc are not available for them, for now at least.

The rounds are hidden from the select list by default - if you'd like to have them available, just uncheck 'Hide Field Rounds' in Settings.

I will be working on adding more WA Field rounds in the coming months.

Additional updates include a number of performance improvements to the mobile app.

Changelog: bug fix for Statistics

Mobile: fixed an issue on the Statistics page where the value for Average Arrow would appear with an error when total shots was zero.

New mobile version is 1.6.0

Changelog: socializing!

Share your shoots! You've just shot a new PB and itch to share it with the world - now you can (at least on Facebook or via email...).

Your scoring shoots can now be made 'public' using the relevant selector in the shoot info panel:


After saving the change, the Facebook share and 'share via email' links will become available for you to use.

If posting to Facebook, your shoot will appear on your timeline like this:


I'm working on a way to replace the pretty obnoxious xringscoring ad with your plotted shots but at least you can announce your accomplishments on FB more easily.

So too with the 'share via email' link, which will open your email client (if available) and provide a link to the public version of your shoot along with the relevant score information.

To augment your public shoots, you can also upload an avatar on your Profile page which will appear as a small thumbnail alongside the shoot title.

You can choose to make your shoots public or private at any time (if a shoot is made public and you change your mind, no links will resolve to your now-private shoot but it may still be referenced on Facebook).

As a first step in making xringscoring more 'social', these features are likely to change - I'm keen to get your feedback and suggestions.

Changelog - mobile app: tiny improvement to Arrow Count

Happy New Year!

I've just released an update to the mobile app to improve responsiveness when adding or removing single shots to an Arrow Count shoot.

Nothing major but the current mobile version is 1.5.9

Changelog - Export all shoot data and predicted scores fixed

Another bug reported (thanks A!), this time regarding the Predicted Score indicator previously shown in the Groups (Arrows) view on the mobile app.

Predicted Score was essentially broken so I have now fixed and improved the algorithm, and placed it in a more intuitive place on the Statistics screen - only available to Premium users - via the in-shoot navigator menu:


Meanwhile, on the desktop app, Premium users can now export all their shoot data (including MOA, Arrow Mean/Mode, Precision, Accuracy and most other relevant data) as a CSV file - which can easily be imported into Excel or Google spreadsheets, via the All Shoots navigation menu. Support for .xlsx files will follow.

I hope you enjoy these updates, along with a number of other big fixes and performance improvements - the last update of what has been a very busy year. Current mobile version is 1.5.8

I'd like to thank all users new and not-so-new for making xringscoring a much better system than I could have imagined through your support and encouragement throughout the year. It is very much appreciated and I'm motivated to make the applications even better in 2016.

Seasons Greetings to one and all, and best wishes for a happy, peaceful and successful year of archery in 2016.


Changelog: upgraded app indicator

Users upgrading to Premium will now see this status displayed beside the version number in the mobile app. For example, 'v1.5.6 PREMIUM' will now be visible instead of the default 'v1.5.6'

This should help identify a successful installation of the upgraded app (which previously may have been difficult to confirm).

The new mobile app version is 1.5.6

Changelog: 3-spot round conversions

Thanks to user H who drew my attention to an issue arising when converting incomplete WA18m 3-spot rounds to practice shoots.

Previously, WA18 3-spot shoots would convert to '20cm @ 18m 10-Zone' equivalents which is clearly incorrect.

Now, when converting 3-spot shoots, they will resolve to '3-spot @18m' with 10-6 scoring.

And, 3-spot target faces with 10-6 scoring can be selected for Practice shoots too. Creating Custom Rounds with this option will be available soon.


Thanks again to H.

The new version of the app is 1.5.5

Changelog: view groups by arrow on desktop

Updates to both mobile and desktop apps:

Upgraded users can now view groups by arrow identifier in the desktop app. Arrow identifiers are shown beneath each distance plot and, similar to the filtering available under Arrow Sets, clicking the arrow button will show you groups for that specific arrow across all ends for the given distance.

This can be handy for checking individual arrow performance over the shoot or perhaps you'd like to see how groups change due to the different elevations on a triple-spot target - in this case I would typically reset my arrows on the mobile app to use ID numbers 1 to 3, then plot my shots sequentially down the target.

Group-by-arrow is independent of Arrow Tracking which must be explicitly set for a given shoot (in the mobile app under Bow/Arrows) and which is intended to show longer-term behaviour of arrows in a set.


On the mobile app, the Notes view is accessible for saved shoots. Select a shoot from the Upload Queue, then hit the '?' button from the resulting Scorecard to show the options menu - Notes is an available option in addition to the regular Groups info etc.

The latest version of the mobile app is 1.5.4

Changelog: minor updates

A couple of updates from the weekend...

  • Improved layout of items in Sightmarks and Upload Queue views

  • New home screen icons for iOS installs (the app will need to removed and reinstalled to pick these up)

  • Made app version number visible in Settings/More

Current version of the mobile app is 1.5.3

Changelog: arrow count conveniences and other stuff

A few more minor changes to the mobile app today:

Arrow Count can now be incremented (or decremented) by single shots, in addition to the regular 'shots per end' multiplier.


Access each Group view - Groups by arrow or Groups by end - directly from the popup menu. The previous short cut to Notes has been removed to make way for the new access buttons.


Additional 'fit and finish' updates in various areas of the app.

The latest version of the mobile app is 1.5.2

Changelog: scores (mostly) hidden

Just released a very small update to the mobile app which features a tweak to the 'Hide Scores' function.

A few users (and I) thought it would be better (particularly when inputting scores) to be able to see the current End Total even when 'Hide Scores' is selected in Settings.

So now the current End Total is visible in both plotting and button input views! Let me know if you'd rather keep End Totals hidden - I may make selecting the visibility of messages more granular...

The latest version of the mobile app is 1.5.1

Changelog: bug fixes and performance improvements for mobile

Many small (some serious) bug fixes for the mobile app, along with a few performance improvements in preparation for the upcoming iOS native app, including:

  • Arrow assignment buttons were getting confused when switching between button and plot input modes. Fixed this.

  • Scoring buttons for the new 5-zone practice shoots were not rendering correctly (they were mixed in with greyed-out buttons for the full 10-zone scoring). Squashed.

  • Numerous tweaks to stylings and removal of redundant code.

The latest version of the mobile app is 1.5.0

Changelog: AGB Handicap info and Arrow Volumes go mobile

Following a number of user requests, I have just released a new mobile app build which adds the following features (for upgraded users only):

  • Archery GB (AGB) Handicap values for all scoring shoots now visible in the Statistics view. Handicap values will also be shown when a shoot is completed in the relevant dialogue. Please note: handicap values are hidden by default - uncheck the 'Hide AGB Handicaps' in the Settings view to reveal the values.

  • Arrow Volumes. Hit the 'Volumes' button in the Saved shoots view to reveal arrow counts for the year, month, week and pending upload. For archers using multiple bow types, arrow volumes can be filtered appropriately.


The latest version of the mobile app is 1.4.0

Changelog: bug fixes and new Settings recall

Updates and bug fixes for the mobile app:

  • Fixed an issue which allowed arrow set information synced to the cloud app to be inadvertently cleared (or 'clobbered') when uploading shoots. Thanks to D for alerting me to this issue.

  • Recall synced Settings from the cloud with a new 'Recall' button in the Settings view. This is useful when resetting an existing install, when re-installing the mobile app, or when installing to an additional device. Open Settings, hit the 'RECALL' button and, if available, your settings will be instated (note: settings are automatically backed up on the cloud site with each upload).

Current mobile app version: 1.3.1

Changelog: fixing shoot conversions and adding 5-zone practice shoots

In my haste to release the new 'incomplete shoot conversion' feature I had completely forgotten about the more traditional GNAS/AGB 5-zone scoring rounds!

Practice shoots in xringscoring have, since the outset, been 10-zone scoring. Converting the GNAS/AGB 5-zone rounds using the new CONVERT control resulted in 10-zone practice rounds - scores were preserved but statistics (gold counts, percentages etc) were skewed.

After a brand new user found this out the hard way I determined to fix both the unforeseen issue and the longest-standing omission: enabling 5-zone practice rounds.

With the latest release of the mobile app (available now), a new control is added to the Distance Practice round definition, providing a means of toggling between 5 and 10-zone scoring.


Choose between 5 and 10-zone scoring for your Distance Practice shoots.

After upload, your practice shoots will be available from the main menus in 10-zone and 5-zone sections.

Now, with 5-zone practice shoots enabled the CONVERT feature will operate correctly for GNAS/AGB rounds. Please note, 'special' rounds such as Worcester/NFAA 300 rounds can not be converted to practice rounds.

The latest version of the mobile app is 1.3.0

Changelog: convert an incomplete shoot!

Ever found yourself cutting short a WA1440 round and wishing you could convert the distances you've shot to practice shoots rather than trash the entire session?

Premium users can now convert any incomplete competition round to practice shoots for each distance. If you stop your WA1440 mid-way through the 50m metric, you'll get three practice shoots for the 90m, 70m and 50m distances.

The CONVERT control is accessed via a new 'FINISH' button from the shoot details view - as are the Reset and New Shoot controls:


Hit the new FINISH button to open the options menu.

All your arrow set, notes and other information will be shared amongst the new converted shoots so none of your data is lost.

Current mobile app version is

Changelog: mobile updates

Updates for the mobile app:

  • Practice shoots queued for upload can now be edited for target range, target size etc.

  • Scorecards for multi-distance shoots improved. Each distance is now a discreet block with its own total score, and the overall score is summarised at the foot of the scorecard.

Additionally, the term 'Golds', used throughout the cloud and mobile apps to denote the maximum score (e.g. 'Total Golds') has been replaced where appropriate by a more accurate description for the given round. For example, '10+Xs' is now used for applicable WA and metric rounds, 'Whites' for the AGB Worcester/NFAA 300 round, or '10s' for indoor rounds. 'Golds' is still used for Imperial outdoor rounds, however.

Current mobile app version:

Changelog: bug fix for statistics

Updates and bug fixes for the mobile app:

  • Reverted 'ghosted' shot opacity to previous value.

  • Fixed an issue where navigating to and from in-shoot statistics from multi-distance Imperial rounds causes the app to hang.

Current mobile app version:

Changelog: bug fix and animations (mobile)

Updates and bug fixes for the mobile app:

  • Fixed an issue where changing magnification in the Groups view would overlay both target magnifications.

  • Added animations to arrow counter and statistics views.

Current mobile app version: 1.2.8

Bug Fix: Mobile App - sightmarks and back

Mobile app: just fixed a bug occurring when leaving the sightmarks view after hitting the 'BACK' button which causes the opening page to hang.

New version of the mobile app is 1.2.7

Changelog: arrow performance history and distance filters for Premium users

New features and improvements to both cloud and mobile apps have been released for Premium users!

Arrow Tracking

Since the beginning, you've been able to monitor groups and arrow performance in the mobile app during a shoot. Shots can be filtered by end or individual arrow ID. Sadly, once a shoot was uploaded, that tracking information was lost (very little historical information is stored in the mobile app in favour of the cloud app). Now, however, arrow tracking information can be stored for all selected shoots making it a breeze to keep tabs on individual arrows for a given arrow set.

Arrow tracking is elective - sometimes you will just plot arbitrary arrow IDs in which case tracking is not appropriate (and would skew the results). To add a shoot to tracking history, simply check the 'Track Arrows' control in the Bow/Arrows view on the mobile app:


Check the box to send arrow tracking information to the cloud app.

You can also retrospectively add a shoot to arrow tracking after upload by hitting the same control in the individual shoot view (note: due to the lack of tracking information in shoots prior to 2015.07.22, this is only available to shoots created after that date).

After your shoot is uploaded, you can check on all arrows or filter shots for each identifier by going to the arrow set via Your Profile > Arrow Sets.

I will be expanding this feature to provide more information on arrow performance over time.

Distance Filters

Another major feature added in this update is the Distance filter, which allows you to track your shooting performance for a given distance in any shoot. You may be interested to see your progress at 30m, for example, having shot this distance in WA1440 competitions, in practice and in a couple of custom rounds.

Simply find your distance from the All Shoots/Distances menu options:


Your distances from all shoots.

Results from the relevant shoots are presented in the usual table view with averages and variances calculated for just that distance. Each column is, as always, sortable.

Maybe you have shot different target faces at your 30m problem! Each distance is broken out into discreet tables for each target size, making the analysis more relevant.


Detailed stats for your chosen distance. Each target size gets its own table.

Again, more work for this feature is planned. Many thanks to Ieuan for suggestions and testing of the distances filter.

Additional updates include:

  • Bug (mobile app): choosing 6-arrow ends for 50m and 30m distance in the WA 1440 rounds crashed the scoresheet view. Fixed.

  • Bug (mobile app): scores not registering when using button input for compound bow indoor rounds. Fixed.

  • Feature (mobile app): new 'x' shot marker provided in addition to 'dot' and 'triangle'.

  • Speed improvements (cloud app).

Current mobile app version is 1.2.6

Changelog: improved navigation, stats and more

The mobile app gets a few major and minor updates this month including improved navigation to key info, new in-shoot statistics and matchplay simulation!

Access important information from the input view using the new navigation menu - go directly to the Scorecard, Notes or Sightmarks screens. Upgraded users can access Groups and Statistics (see below) too.


Access key information from a single menu.

The new Statistics view provides a score value histogram for each distance (if a multi-distance shoot) and/or All shots. Arrow and End averages are also displayed. There will be more to come for this view and this is currently only available to upgraded users.


Score value histogram and arrrow/end averages on the new Statistics screen.

Match play (or H2H) rounds have been available for upgraded users since v1.2.0, but now you can shoot against a virtual opponent with the new Simulation feature. Choose an appropriate challenger from Novice to Elite and start shooting! After each end (if set play) or the full round (if cumulative scoring), your score is pitched against your opponent's randomly generated score and the outcome automatically assigned.


Choose your virtual opponents' skill level and try to beat the app!

Additional updates include:

  • Choose 3 or 6-arrow ends for 50m and 30m distance in the WA 1440 rounds (upgraded users only).

  • Shoot can be flagged as 'Competition' from the Notes view.

  • Shoot Notes automatically saved when exiting the input screen (no need to hit 'Save').

  • Numerous speed improvements.

The new version for this update is 1.2.5. Hope you like it!

Changelog: scorecard updates and fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Cloud app scorecards not displaying 'golds' correctly for Imperial rounds.

  • Scorecards for WA 70m and 50m rounds now split (these rounds are often scored as two halves).

Current mobile app version: 1.2.4

Changelog: Imperial '252 Award' rounds added

Following a user request, I have added definitions for the various '252 Award' rounds which are popular in UK archery clubs as a way of marking shooting progress.

252 Awards can be claimed for distances of 30yd to 100yd, in sequence, and can be achieved by shooting scores of 252 or more points over the first 36 arrows of an appropriate Imperial round, or in dedicated 3-dozen arrow shoots: hence these new rounds.

Thanks to Nathan for suggesting these additions.

Changelog: log in with username or email

Usernames and email addresses are now accepted in the 'Login' field when accessing the main site.

Please note that both are case-sensitive!

Get in touch via if you have any issues logging in.

Changelog: mobile app updates

Some minor styling changes to the mobile app:

  • New bright red alert boxes

  • New upload/recall progress indicator - spinning logo!

Current mobile app version: 1.2.2

Changelog: favourite rounds and more colour for shoots

A new release for both mobile and cloud apps: flag your favourite rounds and behold your shoots in full colour!

When selecting a round to shoot in the mobile app, you may have found yourself scrolling through a long list of (alphabetically sorted) rounds, especially if as an upgraded user you have defined your own Custom Rounds.

Following a recent user request, I've enabled a control - placed to the right of the Shoot select list - which allows you to flag a chosen round as a 'favourite'.


The golden asterisk denotes a favourite round.

Simply choose your round and tap the grey box to mark the round as a favourite. Tap again to un-favourite.

Favourite rounds will percolate to the top of the lists in both the mobile app and in the cloud app too so they'll be quicker to find.

The release for the cloud app provides a means of viewing the scoring plots in full colour as well as the default outline/'stealth mode'. The control is shown at the bottom left of the main plotter view. Click it to reload the page with the appropriate plotter style.

cloud_plot_outline The default outline style. Hit 'Colour' to transform the graphic to full colour

Your chosen style is saved into a cookie as a preference for any subsequent visits.

cloud_plot_color Full, real-life colour!

The new version for the mobile app is 1.2.1. As always, perform the 'refresh cycle' (or hit 'Refresh App' in Android) to pick up the changes.

Many thanks to user 'U' for prompting me to fast-track these changes.

Changelog: score with buttons!

Every self-respecting scoring app enables users to input score values using simple buttons. Every app, that is, except xringscoring! Until now...

Since the beginning, all shots (except simple arrow counts) have been tracked in xringscoring using the arrow plotting method. This gives the most information for very little effort but in many circumstances it can be too time-consuming or tricky to plot arrows on a small screen.

I have been working on providing a traditional button input method for a while, searching for a way to retain as much of the group, accuracy and precision data as possible, and enabling users to switch between the two input methods at will - something that no other scoring app allows.

The answer, as so often, was found with the help of a little maths. Now xringscoring users can use buttons or crosshairs to enter scoring information - the app takes care of everything else.


Change input mode by hitting the orange button (circled) in Shoot Details. The current input mode is always displayed

Button input is available for all scoring round types (including Distance Practice and WA Match rounds).

The new input screen looks like this:

button_input_final Scores can be assigned to specific arrow identifiers (circled)

When using button input, you can continue to assign shots to specific arrows as when using Plot mode. Hitting the relevant scoring button will fill the next available box in the scoring line at the top of the screen. Tap the box above the relevant arrow identifier to assign that score to it. Tap the last assigned shot to undo that score. Easy!

The app will automatically assign an approximate impact position in the relevant target ring. The positions are randomised but uniformly distributed - when using Button input your groups will, of course, not be as accurately represented as when using the Plot method but you now have both the convenience of speedy input AND the depth of information you're used to seeing in xringscoring.

You can continue to check your groups across sequential ends or by individual arrow identifier via the Scorecard (SC) button.

Best of all you can change between Button or Plot at any time: your Precision, Accuracy and overall MOA (Minute of Angle) information will be continuous.

I'm really happy with the button input mode - basic scoring can be completed quickly and easily in just a few seconds while retaining as much useful information as possible. I hope you like it too!

The new version for the mobile app is 1.2.0. As always, perform the 'refresh cycle' (or hit 'Refresh App' in Android) to pick up the changes.

Changelog: view groups for each end, not just each arrow

Until now, the Groups view in the mobile app only allowed users to view all arrows for the current distance, and each individual arrow across all ends - handy if trying to identify low-performance arrows during a shoot but not necessarily easy to see what effects changes to bow tuning might be having between ends.

Now, upgraded users can select to view the group for each end in addition to specific arrows.


Hit the green '...' button at lower right to toggle between 'End Groups' or 'Arrow Groups'

The default end shown will be the current end but if no shots have been placed, the app will select the previous scored end of arrows.

You can navigate to the first end of the current distance, the last end or any of the ends in between sequentially using the buttons shown.

The new version of the app is 1.1.3 - perform the refresh cycle to pick up the latest changes.

Changelog: mobile app sightmarks bug

A bug has been discovered in the sightmarks page on the mobile app: when changing to view 'YD' sightmarks the app will fatally hang and ultimately require removing from home screens before being 're-installed'.

With sincere apologies to any users affected, version 1.1.2 fixes this problem.

Changelog: match scoring released

Further to an earlier announcement, I have just released version 1.1.0 of the mobile app and associated updates to the cloud app which enable WA match rounds for upgraded users.

In addition, a number of minor tweaks and bug fixes are included in this update.

As always, to pick up the changes to the mobile app, iOS users should run the 'refresh cycle' by opening the mobile app, waiting 10-15 secs before closing and repeating 2 or 3 times. Similarly, Android users should hit the 'Refresh App' button in Settings - perhaps 2 or 3 times. This enables the browser to request any changes to the mobile app and load the updates.

I wish everyone a fantastic start to the new outdoor season!

Changelog: bug fixes (Android)

Android users recently reported issues with the keyboard squashing the viewport (and triggering a 'reorientate device' warning) when adding/updating arrowsets.

This is actually a long-standing issue on Android for which there appears to be no elegant solution. Whilst I try to find one, I released a patch which prevents the orientation message from appearing. Opening the keyboard continues to squash the page but the controls are at least visible....!

  • iOS users (Safari) not affected.

  • New version is

Coming soon: Track your match-play!

For some they are the thrilling pinnacle of archery competition. For others, a dreaded trial of nerve.

Head-to-head matches test both technical skill and mental strength: every arrow really does count. Duels can be decided in as few as 9 shots (15 for compounders) or by an exciting single-arrow shoot-off.


A typical (analogue) scoresheet showing the result of a recurve match

Match play can be shot at 18m and either 70m (at a 122cm face for recurve) or 50m (at an 80cm face for compound).

Recurve archers shoot a maximum of 5 ends (or 'sets') of 3 arrows. Each set is either won, drawn or lost in relation to the opponents score. A win gains 2 set points, a draw 1 and a loss gains zero points. The first archer to reach 6 points - possible in 3 ends - wins the match. If after 5 ends the match is still drawn, archers shoot single arrow tie-breakers. Highest scoring arrows or those closest to centre win.

Compound archers initially shoot cumulative scores over 5 ends of 3 arrows. If after this initial stage the match is drawn, they then shoot single-arrow tie-breakers as in the recurve competition.

For the winner: all the glory! For the loser...well, every match is a lesson!

Unfortunately, many archery apps do not provide for match play scoring but xringscoring is all about tracking your performance so we thought it high time to include these rounds - ultimate tests of your hard work and dedication!

Currently in final development and beta testing, WA 18m, WA 50m Compound and WA 70m match rounds will soon be available to upgraded users.

Scoring is as simple as you're accustomed to in the mobile app - the interface is familiar:


The only addition is the presence of 3 'result' buttons, W for win, D for Draw and L for Loss. After each appropriate end, the app will prompt you to assign a result for which the end will be awarded with 2, 1 or zero points. If the match runs to a draw after the scoring ends, single arrow tie-breakers will be run to the same principles.

You don't need to add your opponents scores to run these rounds - the match 'state' is calculated automatically.

As usual, your shoots will be added to your overall timeline with all the current analytics applied.

We love head-to-heads at xringscoring: they're wonderful to watch, scintillating to shoot and will soon be terrific to track! Rollout is expected in a couple of weeks...

Changelog: bug fixes and minor mobile app update

Bug fixes

  • Score goals can now be set regardless of whether round has/has not been shot.

  • Various performance improvements.

Mobile app update

  • Shots per end control added to blank boss input screen. Previously shots per end had to be set by going through Settings - this change puts the controls in the right place.

  • New version is

Changelog: precision/accuracy calculations for Vegas-style faces - bug fixed

A hawk-eyed user recently spotted inconsistencies between precision and accuracy values for the Vegas-style (20cm) faces.

Shooting broadly equivalent scores on a Vegas face and on its full-size 40cm counterpart resulted in quite significant variance between precision and accuracy values (which should not, of course, occur).

A fix has been deployed and all affected shoots have been updated.

Many thanks to Ieuan for pointing this out.

BUG WARNING! Arrow Set/Sightmark Recall meltdown

*UPDATE! This bug is now fixed!

A long-time user (thank you H) has exposed a bug in the mobile app which causes a complete crash when creating a new Arrow Set.

The bug hits when the following steps are taken:

  1. Create a new arrow set

  2. Immediately 'RECALL' sightmarks/arrow set data from the server

The data recalled from the server overwrites the entire Arrow Set structure, including the newly created set and, in attempting to 'find' the new arrow set (which is unfortunately trashed, but is referenced by the current scoresheet) the app completely freezes with a 'PLEASE WAIT' message.

The remedy is a complete uninstall (incl. clearing out cookies, local storage etc for on your device) and reloading from the main website.

Arrow set data is sent to the server with each shoot upload, so unless you upload shoots your arrow information (including sightmarks) isn't sent for backup.

This isn't obvious enough and I hadn't foreseen this particular use case so while I fix the issue please make sure to follow these steps when creating arrow sets:

  1. Create the set. This is automatically assigned to the current scoresheet unless changed.

  2. Score a shoot and upload as usual.

  3. If you need to recall sightmarks, make sure you have uploaded at least one shoot prior so that your new arrow set information is saved.

I hope to have this fixed very soon and apologise for any problems it has caused.

Please get in touch if there are any further issues or concerns:

Changelog: dashboard graph choices

After a few months of shooting, your dashboard history graph may be looking a little cluttered - by default, all shooting activity is shown. The various plots (MOA, score % etc) can be toggled on or off but even then, clarity of information after hundreds of shoots can be reduced.

Work continues to improve the usability of the graph but in the meantime, a new 'Month Averages' version can be switched with the default 'All Activity' view.

Here's the current 'All Activity' default:


...and here's the 'Month Averages' version.


A simple change but one which will hopefully give you an improved 'lens' on your performance.

Changelog: better Android support

The mobile app has been updated with better support for Android devices.

The app works best when 'homescreened': iOS users can easily home screen web apps from Safari and Android users running the Chrome browser can do the same.

Unlike mobile Safari, however home screened apps on Android do not attempt to automatically refresh when opened: they remain in their original state regardless of updates being made available from the source server.

Version addresses this issue by presenting Android/Chrome users with a 'Refresh App' button (accessible via the Settings views) which will provide an update mechanism when running the app from the home screen.


Hitting the button triggers a page reload which will download the updates ready for the next launch (I have referred to this previously as the 'refresh cycle'). iOS users will not see the button as updates are automatic.

Unfortunately, you will have to remove the currently installed version of the app and re-install from the website. Once replaced, however, the app will function correctly.

Now Android users can safely homescreen the app and apply updates far more easily.

Happy New Year 2015!

A new year begins: hopefully full of promise for more archery success!

I'll continue working throughout the year to make the system even more focussed and useful to all target archers intent on improving their performance. There are lots of interesting updates in the pipeline - many of them based on your suggestions so please keep them coming.

One of the big questions I'm mulling over is that of making the system more 'social': numerous options are being considered but I'm wary of getting too deep into that rabbit hole, particularly outside the app, i.e. sharing on Facebook/Twitter etc...I'd appreciate your views on whether this would be a welcome addition and/or what kind of social features you might like to use.

As always, I'm sincerely grateful for your continued support - it means a great deal knowing that others are finding the mobile and 'cloud' apps useful.

Finally a quick apology: due to the way Weekly Volume Goals are handled I had to change the date of current goals to the 1st of Jan to enable them to recur this year. I will fix that in time for 2016!


Changelog: ghosts and dots

The latest release for the mobile app adds an experimental feature available to upgraded users: ghost shots!

The app already enables users to check out their groups for the current distance in a dedicated view (and groups can be filtered to individual arrows too), but sometimes its nice to see everything at once.

Enter 'the ghosts' - all the shots for the current distance visible on the target face! Now you can check the overall group without switching between screens. The markers are necessarily faint so as not to distract too much from plotting new shots but should be sufficiently visible to see whats going on.

Here are the 'ghosts' when in outline mode:


And here are the same ghost shots when in full colour mode:


As this is an experimental feature, it is subject to change. I've been testing it for a while and find it really useful - hopefully you will too.

Also added to this release (and available for all users) is a control to change the shape of the shot markers. The default will continue to be the triangle but there is now a dot option too, available from the Settings screen.

Much more to come - stay tuned for regular updates!

Changelog: minor update to mobile, optional traces for shoot history graphs

Mobile: following user feedback, I've added a 'reorientate your device' hint to the credits view which appears when in landscape mode. New mobile version is

Cloud: the various traces (Total Score %, Avg Score %, MOA etc) in the Shoot History graphs are now switchable on/off and the selected visibility 'remembered'.

Major update planned for Monday 1st December 22:00GMT

I will be releasing a fairly extensive update affecting both the mobile and 'cloud' apps on Monday 1st December 22:00GMT which may cause temporary disruption.

The update will provide better support for users shooting multiple bow types (the cloud app will 'split' shoots for compound, recurve and all views, including visuals, stats etc will be bow-type-specific). Users shooting single bow-types should not notice a difference!

At the same time, I am adding support for multiple 'Arrow Sets' in the mobile app. There will be an initial 'Default' set (which can be renamed) into which any current sightmarks will be automatically loaded. New sets can be added easily and assigned to the current shoot. The current 'Auto-sync sightmarks' setting (which backs up your sightmarks to the cloud app) will change to 'Auto-sync Arrow Sets'. Recalling Arrow Sets from the cloud will, as now, overwrite the current arrow data.

These changes are available for all users (upgraded or not).

I will post more details about the changes following the release.

Changelog: Archery GB (UK) Handicap values

Eagle-eyed (and upgraded) xringscoring users may have noticed a new option available in their profiles: 'Show AGB Handicap?'

The UK's governing body (previously GNAS, now Archery GB) have, for many years, published handicap values for each of the standard scoring rounds, with values based on an algorithm developed by David Lane. Their basic purpose is to 'normalise' scores across all of those rounds, but uses of the handicaps are multifarious - records officers will track a club member's handicap improvement/degradation each year for example while for archers they may be useful to check overall performance over a range of disparate rounds.

Until 2013, the handicap tables were only available in printed form but Mr. Lane generously made his algorithm public so that it may be further developed. Rather than being limited to the standard rounds, we can now implement the algorithm for any shoot.


Upgraded users choosing to view AGB Handicaps via their profile will see those values in the shoot view (beside the 'Score Distribution' module). PB and average handicap is also displayed. Currently, standard and custom rounds are eligible and I will be fleshing out this data with visuals etc - just like the other statistics.

Changelog: The Best of the Best


Personal Bests are, by default, calculated in xringscoring according to overall score and number of golds, regardless of whether in competition or not.

Many archers refer to their 'PBs' only as those shot in the heat of competition, and users have requested that precedence be given to competition shoots in the PB calculations.

To that end, upgraded users can now set the 'Competition PBs take precedence' flag from within their profile to show this bias (note: the switch only affects standard and custom rounds - not practice shoots).

To indicate that the switch has been set, the gold 'competition triangle' will appear in the summary header (see image above).

Little things mean a lot...

It's good to have all the information close at hand, particularly when it comes to seeing the results of your hard work.

For the competitive archer, the published results sheets from a competition or event are essential reference: how did I place? Who was shooting that day? What were the overall scores like...?

Often, however, results sheets can get lost in email, in folders on multiple devices or disappear when URLs break.

To help you keep better track of your achievements, upgraded users can now attach results files to any competition or custom round.

Supported file types are PDF, Excel files (.xls and .xlsx) and Word documents (.doc and .docx). Simply open a shoot and choose a file before 'saving': the results sheet will be attached to your shoot for quick reference now and in the future. Please note that - at the moment - only PDFs can be viewed in the browser - other files need to be opened by right-clicking/ctrl-clicking the 'View Results' button.

To further help recognise shoots with attachments, a little paperclip icon will appear beside shoots in the tables.


Furthermore, upgraded users can also add an Event URL to the shoot details: maybe a link to a photo gallery or news section. Just add the link and once saved, you can hit the 'Go' button to open the target in a new tab.

If you haven't yet upgraded, you can do so by contacting me at

More Goals!

xringscoring users are already setting, monitoring and achieving Weekly Arrow Volumes goals.

Now upgraded users can do the same with specific score goals for standard and custom rounds.

Simply choose your round and hit 'Set a score goal' to start working towards your targets for that round. A message will be displayed in the mobile app when you reach your target, and targets can be revised at any time.


If you haven't yet upgraded, you can do so by contacting me at

iOS 8 Safari/timing bug update (or not...)

Apple have released their latest mobile update, iOS 8.1, which sadly does not fix the Safari bug which disables certain Javascript timing events when launching home screened web apps (like xringscoring)....

This is bad news but I have made some changes to xringscoring to mitigate the impact of this ongoing bug.

The shot plotting view is now not affected by the timing issue - it now operates as normal when resuming arrow plotting after unlocking the device. Phew!

Unfortunately, I cannot prevent the bug affecting the process of uploading shoot data when opening the app from the lock screen. So, I have added a timing check and warning message if the error is likely to occur. Even if you upload shoots and the view 'hangs', you will not lose data. Simply re-open the app from the home screen and repeat the upload.

I must apologise (on behalf of Apple) for not fixing this ongoing issue - heres hoping the next update of iOS8 will address it fully.

Changelog: iOS 8 Safari bug persists

Following the blog entry from 2014.09.21, Apple have released iOS 8.0.2. Unfortunately, this does not address the Safari bug which disables certain Javascript features when relaunching apps after unlocking the device.

To help users remedy the issue I have released an update today which adds a message to the shot plotting view to warn of the timing errors and, when tapped, advises to simply relaunch the app from the home screen.


Also in this update are a few backend improvements and some overall re-styling.

Changelog: indoor round additions and improvements

Mobile updates

  • Added WA 25m 3-spot round

  • Improved handling for compound-specific indoor rounds

  • New version is

iPhone/iOS8 bug

iPhone users updating to iOS 8 will experience an annoying bug when accessing the app from the lock screen (i.e., after entering your passcode to unlock the phone).

When trying to plot shots after opening xringscoring from the lock screen, the crosshairs will freeze and although finger movement is still tracked, placing shots accurately is almost impossible.

There is a workaround which requires simply closing and re-opening the app after which full functionality is restored.

Alternatively, you can disable passcode locking via Settings for the duration of the shoot...

The short story is that this is a bug introduced by Apple to Safari in the new update - reports have been filed and I'm watching for news on when it will be rectified. It is not a fault in xringscoring and there is unfortunately little I can do to solve the problem, except apologise for the annoyance - it is obviously a critical requirement for xringscoring that smooth and quick plotting of your shots is enabled.

For the technically minded, the slightly longer story is that Apple have disabled certain javascript timing functions (specific to xringscoring are 'setTimeout' and 'getAnimationFrame') when launching home-screened apps after unlocking the device.

As always I appreciate your patience and continued support - hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Changelog: when does your archery week start?


Much as I'd like to shoot all week, I need to incorporate a rest day into the plan: for recovery, a bit of technical maintenance or maybe some admin.

By default, the week in xringscoring runs from Sunday but this may not reflect your schedule. Upgraded users can now set their preferred start day from their Profile (mine is Tuesday, for example): your weekly statistics will run from the new start day.

New feature: goals!

Setting realistic, measurable goals is an important part of any improvement process.

Most archery coaches would agree that increasing your overall arrow count is fundamental to increasing stamina, refining form and gaining confidence.

Upgraded users can now set a recurring weekly arrow volume goal to measure their overall activity against. The required volume and current progress is visible in the dashboard summary:


When setting or updating a goal, your average weekly volume is available to help set the bar at an appropriate level to your current activity.


Set a goal by hitting the 'Arrows This Week' value or through 'Your Profile'.

This is the first in a number of term- and performance-based goals I'm planning to introduce in the very near future.

If you haven't yet upgraded, you can do so by contacting me at

Changelog: mobile and desktop updates

Mobile: new colours for buttons - improve navigation and overall 'look and feel'


Mobile: Blank Boss shoots can be resumed via the Upload queue

Desktop: new '31 day activity' chart - more on this in a later post


Desktop performance issue: milestones table load times increasing with number of shoots due to inefficient calculations for % score before and after. While I work on a fix, these metrics are not available via table views but can be seen when opening the individual milestone (via Your Profile > Milestones).

Changelog: mobile app controls

Released a fix for the mobile app where hidden controls were being made available when 'tabbing' through inputs such as Range, Target Size etc. Hidden controls are now correctly disabled when tabbing.

Mid-summer maintenance planned for July 21st 2014

Please note that there will be a (hopefully very short) maintenance period between 22:00GMT and 23:00GMT on Monday 21st July 2014 for some essential updates to the architecture underpinning the site.

The mobile app will continue to function, except you will not be able to upload any shoots during the maintenance window. (No data will be lost if you try to upload shoots).

The main site will be offline for the duration of the period.

Changelog: up to 36 arrows per end for Blank Bale/Boss

A minor update to the mobile app today allows for between 1 and 36 arrow ends when shooting blank boss/bale. Shots per end are also adjustable during the shoot too (although not for Practice, Custom or Standard Rounds).

This will hopefully offer greater flexibility and more convenience when logging arrow counts.

Changelog: FITA rounds renamed

In April 2014, archery's global governing body Fédération Internationale de Tir à l'Arc (FITA) changed name to World Archery Federation (WAF).

As a result of this change, all references to 'FITA' have been removed from the established target archery rounds. The FITA Gents, for example, has been renamed the WA 1440 round.

To keep step with these changes, all the previously-named 'FITA' target rounds (both indoor and outdoor) have been updated in xringscoring. They now appear at the end of the round list with the 'WA' prefix.

Similarly, the Grand National Archery Society of Great Britain (GNAS) changed its trading name to Archery GB (AGB). While the GNAS/AGB rounds have more traditional nomenclature (often denoting the town or city where the round was developed), all references to 'GNAS' have been updated to Archery GB in xringscoring.

Changelog: misses don't count!

Prior to today's update, misses were being included in calculations for Accuracy, Precision and Group MOA.

When plotted with the mobile app, a miss would contribute to the overall shot group.

Now, however, misses are treated more appropriately - as 'fliers' with no influence on shoot statistics.

Sort your arrows!

After choosing arrows prior to shooting (via BOW/ARROW in Settings) it could get a little befuddling, when plotting shots, if arrow numbers were listed out of order.

There is now a button to fix that!


Choose your arrow numbers then hit SORT and everything will be in the correct order, ready for trouble-free shot assignment.

And, if you need to clear the decks and start afresh, hitting RESET will restore the default arrow numbers.

Multi-distance custom rounds - now with configurable target sizes!

Previously, custom rounds were limited to a single target face size for each distance.

Now, you can configure your multi-distance custom rounds with any of the standard face sizes (40cm, 60cm, 80cm or 122cm).

Blank Boss/Bale gets an update

In the US its 'Blank Bale', in the UK its 'Blank Boss': whatever you call it, shooting close up without a target face is great practice.

If you're using xringscoring, you're logging your arrows with every shoot, and when shooting BB it is sometimes handy to 'split' the count over one or more sessions.

Upgraded users can now do exactly that, with a simple 'Split' button which resets the current arrow count to zero while maintaining the overall count:


Having reset the counter, you can continue to add and remove ends in the normal way (although if you remove enough ends to get the current count back to 0, the ends will start being removed from the total, placed at top right of the screen, which will turn red by way of a warning!).

Give it a try - I hope you find it a useful little feature.

Hide GNAS Rounds

To better support international archers, I have included an option to filter out the many GNAS rounds from the list of available rounds.

(FITA/WAF and Custom rounds will always be available.)

You can hide GNAS rounds by selecting the option in the Settings view:


New app version is

Sightmarks elevation scale now configurable

The elevation scale for sightmarks has been limited to zero or one decimal place. A change deployed today expands that to include two decimal places.

Now your elevation sight mark can be expressed as 1, 1.1 or 1.01 for much finer control.

The step control is available in settings:


Initial sightmarks for mobile

The mobile app will prompt you to alter your sightmarks when changing distances, but there was no such prompt when starting a new shoot...until now.


Following user feedback, your sightmark for the first distance to be shot will now pop up before you start shooting as either a reminder to set your sight or to double-check, in the same way that it appears at the distance changes. (All this assumes you have an appropriate sightmark saved, of course).

As it may not be to other users' liking, the initial sight mark prompt can be turned off in settings:


Worcester target switch and performance improvement

Today's update to the mobile app includes a new feature - when shooting the GNAS Worcester round, archers must 'switch' target faces at the midway point (30 of the 60 arrows).

The archer shooting at the top target switches to shooting the lower target and vice versa. Just one of the oddities of this curious round!

xringscoring mobile now prompts you to swap faces at the midway point so you need never forget to adjust!

I have also made some updates to improve the performance and 'smoothness' of graphics rendering when plotting your shots on the target faces in the mobile app.

The new version of the mobile app is

Mobile app updates

I have released a new build of the mobile app today which addresses a couple of bugs and a minor change to archer rotation.

'Who shoots first this end' is now denoted by a simple A/B flag on the plotting screen, rather than the previous 'D1/D2':


The new version is

Stealth Mode!

An update to xringscoring mobile today sees the introduction of full colour target faces!

'Stealth mode' - or outlined targets - is the default setting because that's how I prefer to use the app. Understandably, some users prefer to see the target face in all its colourful glory.

'Stealth mode' is switchable in the Settings view, so if you would prefer to see full colour targets, simply remove the checkmark!

Changelog: chart arrow volumes

A quick update to the site today with the addition of Arrow Volumes to the main shoot history chart on the dashboard.


Arrow Volumes (seen here as the light blue area) are expressed as % of the total volume of shots made since you started logging with xringscoring.

Hopefully they will help show some form of relationship between overall number of arrows shot and performance, on the somewhat simplistic basis that more (good quality) shots/practice generally contributes to an improvement in performance.

Good shooting!

Changelog: edit saved shoots!

Saved shoots on the mobile app can now be edited to correct scores/ends before upload. goes live

I'm pleased to announce that is now in public beta after a long development period.

New users can sign up to a basic feature set. Access to some elements, such as Custom Rounds and In-shoot groups information will require subscription. BUT....

The Upgrade process is as yet incomplete until I integrate the payment path with Stripe.

Hopefully this won't take too long, as it is my current focus!

Many thanks for everyone's interest and patience while I readied xringscoring for release.

I hope you enjoy using the application and look forward to hearing your feedback and comments.



Printable scoresheets for any non-Blank Boss shoot.

Milestones now provide Average Score % for shoots PRIOR to the milestone, and the same for shoots SINCE the milestone. Improvement (or otherwise) resulting from changes to form, technique etc are now more tangible.

Changelog: mobile fixes and comparison additions

An update was released today which improves support for Android devices which were (inexplicably) unable to display basic Unicode characters used for denoting Scorecard and Settings when in the scoring view.

I've replaced the scorecard icon with a simple text version 'Sc', and settings is now accessed via a button marked '...'

Using text means I can avoid cross-browser issues, stylesheet conditionals to handle multiple screen sizes and minimise page load times. I would rather be able to use something more intuitive, however....

The online tools for comparing two shoots are also now augmented by two changes:

Shoots being compared are now ordered oldest first (on the left), newest second (on the right).

Accuracy and Precision information is now available in comparison views.

Changelog: post iOS 7 update (Android users can happily relax!)

The recent iOS7 is arguably a new paradigm in interface design, but for humble HTML5 web apps like xringscoring, the changes have suggested more proof that Apple does not want web apps taking place alongside native apps on their devices.

There are a number of issues affecting web apps in Safari on iOS7 but the main problem for xringscoring is text input - namely authorisation credentials and arrow set names.

Unlike iOS6 where the browser laid the virtual keyboard over the page content when focus is given to one of these text fields, the browser now causes the keyboard to infringe on page layout, squishing it into a landscape aspect ratio and triggering an orientation change event.

The layout in xringscoring mobile is pretty uncompromising and this event change hides the input view while opening the credits view. The text input remains active, but being hidden, it is difficult to work out what text is being entered and whether it is correct.

This also happens with Select list controls, but the context is slightly more explicit - users are provided with limited options - so no change is as necessary there, despite the layout being completely destroyed!

No-one seems to be sure whether this is a bug or a 'feature' of certainly doesn't happen in the regular browser view (only on full-screen homepage-launched apps) that end, we may see a system level fix as the OS is tweaked in future versions but for now, I have removed all text input fields from the mobile app.

In one way, this has improved the app - authorization is no longer a separate step and is handled in the background - in another, with arrow set name being removed, it is a degradation.

Hopefully this issue will be addressed in a Safari update and we'll be back to normal service. In the meantime I'm making plans to create totally custom numeric and text input controls to futureproof against this kind of browser-specific shenanigans.

Groups functionality update!

A new update extends the functionality of the Groups view on the mobile app.

Groups currently shows your shots for the current distance. It now adds a few statistics:


At top left is the Total Score for the current distance.

At top right is the Predicted Score for this distance - the score you would achieve by shooting the average score per arrow for the remaining shots at this distance. Note: Practice Shoots assume 1 distance with 144 maximum shots (although you can obviously shoot less!)

Bottom left shows the Average End Score and bottom right shows the Total Score for the overall shoot thus far.

All the statistics except Total Score would be reset to 0 at any change of distance.

Hopefully you'll find these features useful!

Compare two shoots!

A new feature has been implemented in the online site which allows you to select two rounds (of the same type) and compare them side-by-side.


All the charts and statistics are available for comparison, just like the regular shoot view.


There is a little bit of work to do to make the comparison view less cluttered - hopefully you find it useful!

Changelog: switch table views for multi-distance shoots

I thought it might be useful to view the distance score breakdowns when viewing all multi-distance shoots such as FITA Gents, York etc.

Table view button

So, I added a button (visible only for the relevant target rounds) which allows you to switch between the general statistical overview and a simpler table listing all the individual distances scores. Shoots are sortable by each distance: just click the header.

Changelog: Auto-sync sightmarks when uploading shoots

Another new feature for the mobile app: auto-sync sightmarks when you upload your shoots:

Auto-sync sightmarks

By checking the Auto-sync option, your sightmarks will be sent to the server along with your shoots every time you upload.

This way you can be certain that your current sightmarks are always backed up and recoverable.

To keep you informed as to what is happening during upload, the following message is added to the alert:

Auto-sync sightmarks alert

Scorecards for saved shoots

Just released a small update to the mobile app: access scorecards for your saved shoots prior to upload.

When you complete a round (practice, competition etc), your shoot is saved into the queue, awaiting upload. You can now tap the title for each saved shoot and open the scorecard.

Saved scorecards are outlined in red, and (for now) cannot be edited.

Scorecard from Upload queue

Changelog: Custom Rounds!

Custom Rounds can now be created in the online application: add a round comprising up to 4 distances and a maximum of 144 shots, refresh your mobile app and start scoring!

Now you can add those esoteric county league rounds, Moonlights or personal concoctions to your timeline and track your progress!

Mobile: Improve your plotting!

There is often limited time available to plot your scores at the target face: during a competition you might be trying to find your own arrows amongst the rest, calling out scores and getting otherwise distracted. But you still need to plot your shots...

To make the task quicker, you can now choose to overlay sectors onto the target graphic - dividing the target into 8 discreet areas really helps to 'see' the arrows and their correlation from the actual target to the much smaller version on your device.

This is what it looks like:


You can choose to turn the sectors on or off in the Settings view.

Finally - a scorecard!

The single most requested feature for the mobile app is the scorecard. The second-most requested feature is the ability to edit previous ends.

The new scorecard combines both of those requirements:


Its pretty basic but critical information is paramount. Tap one of the ends already shot and you are able to edit that end:


Note the messages (score, shot count etc.) are colored red when in Edit mode. When you're finished adjusting the scores, go back to the scorecard to commit your updates and continue shooting!


A new release for the mobile app addresses a few minor issues and adds a couple of features:

Bug fix - disabled buttons on iOS devices prevented from continuing to post events.

Compound (X=10) scoring enabled in Practice Mode. A new checkbox allows the user to select this option at any range etc.

Practice target size and range now persist across consecutive shoots as default values.

Android, numbers and keyboards

When entering sightmarks on the mobile app, a numerical keypad is displayed which on iOS and most Android devices provides a decimal point character to improve granularity.

Unfortunately, some Samsung phones present a numerical keypad without the decimal character. This appears to be a vendor-specific problem: other Android-based devices provide the full range of key options and it appears to be independent of browser.

This presents a problem - it is difficult to ask the browser what device it is running on so suitable keypads can be shown for different machines...and of course the vast array of ever-expanding Android platforms would make keeping track impossible.

The proper solution seems to be to provide a custom control: perhaps a keypad-like widget or a slider to ensure entering sightmarks is a uniform experience regardless of platform.

In the meantime, today's update reverts all input to the default keyboard - far from ideal (as users have to navigate to the numeric keys) but at least it allows decimal places to be used on all devices. A set of custom controls is now on my To Do list!

Compound scoring for indoor rounds!

Mobile can now handle indoor compound scoring where the inner x-ring becomes the only 10-ring (the other gold rings score 9 points).

To enable this, you must select Compound bow type from the Bow/Arrows view (which will be pre-populated with your default bow from your profile) - but only when creating a new shoot or if no shots have yet been plotted.

You can see what scoring scheme you are using in the plotting view: a small 'X=10' flag appears when shooting indoor rounds with a compound bow:


Happy shooting!

Mobile: offset crosshairs now configurable!

In the spirit of continuous updates, the crosshair offset is now configurable from 0 to 70 pixels vertical from the touch location.

This should make plotting your shots even easier and more accurate!

Mobile: offset crosshairs for easier plotting

A new feature may help you to plot your shots more accurately on the mobile app...

When plotting scores on the target face, the crosshairs follow along beneath your finger but some users have found that this impedes their ability to plot scores really accurately.

By selecting the Offset Crosshairs option in the Settings view the crosshairs will track 50 pixels above wherever you move your finger, making it easy to see where the shot is being placed.

Here is a quick video which shows how this works.


Bug fix - shoot time being reset to midnight on update

Just fixed an annoying bug where shoot time would be reset to 00:00:00 when updating details.

Mobile: update Part 2

"Who's shooting next?" - a familiar question on the shooting line.

A new indicator, visible when shooting a 'competition round' (ie, not Practice, not Blank Boss) on the target plotting view shows which detail is shooting first for the current end:

Mobile shoot detail

Hopefully you find this handy!

Mobile: update Part 1

Just released a small update to the shoot details view - a minor reshuffle of buttons to make more visual sense.

Mobile details button reshuffle

Mobile: new feature - In-shoot group graphic

A new feature appearing in the mobile app is this handy 'in-shoot' groups graphic, showing all arrows plotted for the current distance.

I often thought it would be useful to get a broad representation of my groups, particularly when shooting in difficult conditions or hitherto unknown distances. This graphic should satisfy that need, providing the mean shot group (purple ring), maximum group spread (thinner red circle) and detailed elevation/windage variation (measured in centimeters) from the target centre.

Mobile in-shoot groups graphic

Hopefully you find it useful too!

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