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All your archery activity...logged.

Collect your arrows

Plot your scores at the target face quickly and accurately using your iOS or Android device* (or use buttons if you prefer!).

Keep score, enter sightmarks, track individual arrows and monitor groups** as you shoot.

Useful in-shoot tools such as sightmark change prompts and archer rotation indicators allow you to focus on what's important: your performance.

Arbitrary practice rounds, WAF/Archery GB and custom rounds** or simple arrow counts can all be entered using your phone or tablet - track all your archery!

Have a look at the full feature list.

Online analysis

View all of your activity on a continuous timeline. No need for spreadsheets or scorepads!

Track your performance across all sessions, or drill down through specific shoot types.

Metrics such as Accuracy, Precision, Arrow Average and Mode, Personal Bests and Shoot Averages are automatically calculated.

Side-by-side shoot comparisons**, graphs and other visualizations of your performance make analysis quick, easy and enlightening!

All your scoring data is private - it will not be shared with other users or third parties unless you decide otherwise (shoots can be shared via Facebook, email etc).


Create a detailed performance journal

Add Milestones to pinpoint changes to form, technique or equipment and show how they influence overall performance.

Add further information to your shoots to enhance the bigger picture. Share your favourite shoots on Facebook or via email.

Quick. Simple. Streamlined.

No advertising, no in-app purchases, no mailing lists, no sponsors: just useful tools to help improve your archery, conceived and developed by a nationally-ranked competitive archer.

Start a new scoresheet with a couple of taps. No protracted setup and configuration: just choose a shoot type and start scoring.

Large, high contrast controls make the app easy and hassle-free to use in both direct sunlight and low light.

Input scores using arrow plot and/or buttons: xringscoring is unique in maintaining shoot metrics such as Accuracy, Precision, MOA etc using either method.

Started a scoring round but can't finish it? No problem, convert it to a practice shoot!

Everything is designed to be quick and easy when you're shooting - informative, comprehensive and instructive when you're not!

Check out the full feature list.

* iOS/Android devices are supported, along with some Windows 8.1+ devices.

The mobile application is an off-line web app which requires a Javascript-enabled WebKit browser such as Safari or Chrome to run. Off-line storage must also be enabled.

Once installed, a signal is NOT required, except to upload your shoots.

Please check the FAQ for more details.

** Custom Rounds, In-shoot Groups and Shoot Comparisons are available after upgrade.

Please note: Field and Traditional Archery rounds are not accomodated in xringscoring.

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